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"Two Great Cavaliers" a.k.a. (Ci xiong shuang sha) (1978)
"Two Great Cavaliers" a.k.a. (Ci xiong shuang sha) (1978)

"Two Great Cavaliers" a.k.a. (Ci xiong shuang sha) (1978)

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Two Great Cavaliers, also known as Les 2 Cavaliers de Shaolin, Ci xiong shuang sha and Wang Yu - Härter als Granit, Deadly Duo.

(Synopsis) After his fiancee is murdered by Manchurian marauders, a young warrior, Superkicker John Liu (Struggle Through Death, Secret Rivals) sets out to do the same to those who were responsible for her death. Meanwhile, the Deadly China Doll herself, Angela Mao Ying (Dance Of Death, Moonlight Sword and Jade Lion"), is in possession of a list of rebels and the same Manchu killers want it and will stop at nothing to get it. It is not long before Angela Mao Ying and John Liu are fighting side by side in this rarely seen old school classic. Also starring the ultimate bad-ass of old school: Chen Sing.

Starring: Angela Mao Ying, John Liu (Chung Liang), Leung Kar Yan, Chan Sing (Chen Sing), Man Kong Lung, Shut Chung Tin, Chin Lung, Shih Ting Ken, Ching Kuo Chung, Chan San Yat, Chen Chiu, So Kwok Leung, Chu Siu Wa, Sham Chin Bo

Letterboxed Languages: English, Subtitles: None, Running Time: 94 Minutes, Country: Hong Kong, Taiwan