"Fist Of Fury" a.k.a. (Chinese Connection) (1972) $9.95
Fist of Fury, also known as 精武门, Jing Wu Men, Jingwu Men, The Chinese Connection or La Fureur de vaincre is a 1972 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Lo Wei, starring Bruce Lee in his second major role after The Big Boss (1971).[2] Lee plays Chen Zhen, a student of Huo Yuanjia, who fights to defend the honor of the Chinese in the face of foreign aggression, and to bring to justice those responsible for his master's death.[ (Synopsis): After the kung fu instructor of Chen (Lee) is brutally murdered, Chen seeks revenge. When he discovers that the killers are a Japanese gang, and that they are terrorizing his former school, Chen brings swift and deadly retribution to the evildoers. Bruce Lee plays a martial arts student who returns to his former school to find that his beloved teacher has been murdered. Set in Shanghai in the 1930s, the Japanese are in control, and it is one of their Bushido schools that is responsible for this outrage. Knowing that the authorities will not attempt to bring justice to the killers, Lee seeks to restore honor to his institute and mentor with fearsome revenge. There is an awkward romantic sub-plot and the script and direction can, at times, be a little crude, but the screen presence of Bruce Lee is undeniably strong. His fluidity in Kung Fu is amazing to watch, and he compresses the rage of a tormented culture into a physical art of retribution that promotes this film into a league of Asian classics. In making this film, Lee tapped into a powerful sentiment that the normally undemonstrative Chinese audiences of the time stood up and applauded. The tag of Sick Man of Asia was used in the 30s by the Japanese Imperialist forces to describe the subjugated Chinese, and in this movie, Lee exacts a visceral vengeance of mesmerizing power. Starring: Bruce Lee (Siu Lung), Nora Miao, James Tin Jun, Lo Wei, Bob Baker,  Maria Yi, Tin Fung, Lau Wing, Han Ying Chieh,| Ngai Ping Ngo, Wong Chung Shun, Little Unicorn, Fung Ngai, Ng Ming Choi, Jackie Chan, Yuen Wah, Corey Yuen Kwai, Mars, Chan Chuen Director: Lo Wei, Assistant Director: Bruce Lee, Producer: Raymond Chow Man Wai, Action Director: Han Ying Chieh, Bruce Lee, Languages: English, Running Time:106 minutes, Distributed by: Golden Harvest (HK), National General Pictures (US), Release date: 22 March 1972  
"Way Of the Dragon" a.k.a. (Return Of The Dragon) (1972) $9.95
The Way of the Dragon, also known as 猛龙过江, Meng Long Guojiang, Revenge Of The Dragon, La Fureur du dragon  released in the United States as Return of the Dragon) is a 1972 Hong Kong martial arts action comedy film written, produced and directed by Bruce Lee, who also stars in the lead role. This is Lee's only complete directorial film. The film co-stars Nora Miao, Chuck Norris, Robert Wall and Hwang In-shik. Way of the Dragon was released in Hong Kong on 30 December 1972.(Synopsis): Bruce Lee career, released after his death. Here, Lee pays a visit to family members who own a restaurant in Italy. But mobsters, who want the land the eatery is built upon, harass the owners, forcing Lee to defend his family, as only he can. In the film high-voltage, high-kickin finale, Lee, for the sake of his loved ones, must battle a U.S. karate expert (Chuck Norris), in a Roman coliseumStarring: Bruce Lee (Siu Lung), Nora Miao, Wong Chung Shun, Bob Wall, Chuck Norris, Whang In Shik, Ngai Ping Ngo, Little Unicorn, Gam Dai, Lau WingDirector: Bruce Lee, Producer: Raymond Chow Man Wai, Bruce Lee, Action Director: Bruce Lee, Unicorn Chan, Languages: English, Running Time: 98 minutes.
"Game Of Death" a.k.a. (Si Wang You Ju) (1972) $9.95
Game Of Death, also known as 死亡游戏, Si Wang You Ju, Si Wang You Xi, and Le Jeu de la mort is an incomplete 1972 Hong Kong martial arts film directed, written, produced by and starring Bruce Lee, in his final film attempt. Lee died during the making of the film. Over 100 minutes of footage was shot prior to his death, some of which was later misplaced in the Golden Harvest archives (Synopsis): Bruce Lee plays Billy Lo, a Hong Kong based movie actor, who is a box office draw. His girlfriend, Ann Morris is a singer who is also climbing to the top. Now it seems the syndicate wants Billy and Ann to join their management firm. But Billy knows that they will be treated like property, so he refuses and tells her to do the same. So they try to encourage his to join but he still refuses. He would be advised that they will not stop, so he must stop them, permanently. He is even more hesitant to do that but when an attempt on his life is made, he fakes his death and alters his appearance, and decides to go after the syndicate; taking them out one at a time. Starring: Kim Tai Jung, Bruce Lee, Casanova Wong, Fung Hak On, Robert Wall, Tai San... Director: Robert Clouse, Bruce Lee, Action Director: Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Produced by:  Raymond Chow, Bruce Lee, Languages: English, Running Time: 110 minutes, Production company: Golden Harvest, Concord Production Inc, Release date: 22 October 2000 (Incomplete DVD release)  
"Enter the Dragon" a.k.a. (Long Zheng Hu Dou) (1973) $9.95
Enter The Dragon, also known as The Deadly Three, Long Zheng Hu Dou, 龙争虎斗 and Opération Dragon is a 1973 Hong Kong-American martial arts action film, directed by Robert Clouse, and starring Bruce Lee, John Saxon, and Jim Kelly. This was Bruce Lee's final film appearance before his death on 20 July 1973 at age 32. The film was first released on 26 July 1973 in Hong Kong, six days after Lee's death. (Synopsis): Playing a secret agent hired by the British to break up an opium ring, Bruce must go undercover as a contestant in a sadistic martial arts tournament. Hosted by the targeted crime lord on his island hideaway, this tournament pits the baddest kung fu cats in the world against each other--but not one of them can match Bruces dazzling and deadly skills. Starring: Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Ahna Capri, Shek Kin, Angela Mao, Betty Chung, Robert Wall Cameos: Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris. Director: Robert Clouse, Action Director: Bruce Lee Digitaly Remastered Languages: English, Running Time:102 minutes. Production company: Warner Bros. Concord Production Inc. Distributed by: Golden Harvest (Hong Kong) Warner Bros. (International) Release date: 26 July 1973 (Hong Kong) 19 August 1973 (United States)  
Bruce Lee - Super7 - Bruce Lee ULTIMATES! Wave 1 - Bruce [The Warrior] [New Toy] Bruce Lee - Super7 - Bruce Lee ULTIMATES! Wave 1 - Bruce [The Warrior] [New Toy]
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"Game Of Death 11" a.k.a. Tower of Death, Si Wang Ta (1981) $10.95
Game of Death II, also known as Tower of Death, 死亡塔, Le Jeu de la mort 2 or The New Game of Death, is a 1981 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Ng See-yuen and starring Bruce Lee, Tong Lung, Huong Cheng Li and Roy Horan.  (Synopsis): Tower of Death (1981) was the last official Bruce Lee release. The producers of The Game of Death were compelled to make another Bruce Lee movie after the success of the G.O.D. in southeast Asia. So the director used what stock footage he had left plus doubling by Yuen Biao (stunt and acrobatic scenes) and Tang Lung (a Korean actor who played in The Game of Death) not only doubling for Bruce but playing his brother. It was very inventive how the director managed to put in Bruce Lee scenes. You get to see a lot of Yuen Woo Ping's action directing in this movie.  Overview: This film was marketed as a sequel to Bruce Lee's last and only partially completed film Game of Death. Bruce Lee died some years before the production of Game of Death II and most of his scenes are taken from Lee's older films, mostly Enter the Dragon. Aside from the international English dub giving the "Bruce Lee" character the name Billy Lo, this movie appears to have no connection with Robert Clouse's 1978 version of Game of Death. Starring: Kim Tai Jung,Bruce Lee, Hwang Jang Lee, Roy Horan, Lee Hoi San, Tiger Yeung Cheng Wu, Roy Chiao Hung, To Wai Wo, Kok Lee Yan Director: Ng See Yuen, Producer: Richard Cheung Kuen, Andre E. Morgan, Action- Director: Yuen Woo Ping, Language: English, NTSC All, Features: 16:9, Running Time: 110 Minutes.
"The Legend Of Bruce Lee Vol. 2" (2013) $9.95
The Legend Of Bruce Lee, volume 2 (Synopsis): Starring Kung Fu Hustle's Danny Chow. The Legend of Bruce Lee is highly ambitious series shot in China, Hong Kong, Macau the US, Italy and Thailand over nine months that attempts to dig deeper into the life of Bruce Lee than any previous biopic or "Bruceploitation" film has before. It runs from his formative teen years in Hong Kong, to his move to the US where he taught Kung Fu and entered Hollywood, and then back to Hong Kong where he became a film star prior to his early death.Starring: Danny Chan, Mark Dacascos, Ray Park, Gary Daniels, Michael Jai White,... Bonus Features: 58 minutes of extra fight Scenese and a 4 minute Music VideoRunning Time: 90 minutes, Language: Mandarin,English, Subtitles: EnglishAspect Ratio: 2:35.1, Format: NTSC, Region: All  
"The Big Boss" a.k.a. (Fist Of Fury) (1971) $9.95
The Big Boss, also known as 唐山大兄, Tang Shan Da Xiong and Fists Of Fury is a 1971 Hong Kong martial arts action film written and directed by Lo Wei, with assistance from Bruce Lee. It stars Lee, Maria Yi, James Tien and Tony Liu. Lee's first major film, it was written for James Tien. However, when the film's original director, Ng Kar-seung, was replaced by Lo, Lee was given the leading role instead. Lee's strong performance overshadowed Tien, already a star in Hong Kong, and made Bruce Lee famous across Asia. (Synopsis): Chein (Lee) moves with his cousins to work at an ice factory after promising not to be involved with fighting. When members of his family begin disappearing after meeting with the management of the factory, he breaks his vow and takes on the Big Boss. In an emotive, rollercoaster storyline of friendship, betrayal, revenge, and deadly confrontation, Lee plays Cheng, a migrant worker who travels to Thailand in search of work, and breaks open a drug-trafficking ring with his fists of steel. In his quest for justice and revenge, Lee is an unstoppable force of nature, breaking down wave after wave of opponents with powerful hand combinations and lightning fast precision kicking. Starring: Bruce Lee (Siu Lung), Maria Yi, James Tin Jun, Nora Miao, Lam Ching Ying, Lau Wing, Lee Kwan, Han Ying Chieh, Gam Saan, Ma La LeneDirector: Lo Wei, Assistant Director: Bruce Lee, Lee Tso Nam, Producer: Raymond Chow Man Wai, Action Director: Han Ying Chieh, Languages: English, Running Time: 95 minutes. Distributed by: Golden Harvest, Release date: 23 October 1971 (Hong Kong) 1973 (United States)