"The Monkey King" a.k.a. (The Monkey King: The Legend Begins) (2014) $12.95
The Monkey King, also known as 大鬧天宮 and Da Nao Tian Gong is a 2014 Hong Kong Chinese action-fantasy film directed by Cheang Pou-soi and starring Donnie Yen as the titular protagonist. Yen also serves as the film's action director. Production began in Beijing on 18 October 2010 and was filmed in 3D. The plot is based on an episode of Journey to the West, a Chinese literary classic written in the Ming Dynasty by Wu Cheng'en. It was released on 31 January 2014. A sequel titled The Monkey King 2 was released in February 2016. (Synopsis): Sun Wukong, (The Monkey King) is a monkey born from a heavenly stone who acquires supernatural powers. After rebelling against heaven and being imprisoned under a mountain for 500 years, he later accompanies the monk Xuanzang on a journey to India. Thus, according to legend, Buddhism is brought to ancient China. This much beloved story, is as much a part of Asian culture as The Iliad and The Odyssey or The Wizard of Oz are to the West. This first installment in a trilogy of live action 3-D movies is actually a prequel to The Journey To The West, the much told story of the Monkey King's adventures on the road to India. The Monkey King: Havoc In The Heavenly Palace will be released in the U.S. as The Monkey King. The first movie is the origins story - beginning with the birth of Sun Wukong and ending with his imprisonment for his crimes under the Five-Peaked Mountain. Along the way he acquires incredible powers, battling the armies of the gods and the armies of the demons to find hisStarring: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Chow Yun Fat, Joe Chen Qiao En, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Peter Ho Yun Tung, Calvin Cheng Ka Sing, Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Gigi Leung Wing Kei Director: Soi Cheang Pou Soi, Produced by: Kiefer Lyhrywgraiu, Michael Wehrhahn,  Robert Harris, Action Director: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Language: Mandarin,  Running time:: 119 minutes, Release date: 25 January 2014 (Beijing premiere), 30 January 2014 (Hong Kong), 31 January 2014 (China)
"The Monkey King 2" a.k.a. (Xi You Ji Zhi San Da Bai Gu Jing) (2016) $10.95
The Monkey King 2, also known as 西遊記之孫悟空三打白骨精 or Xi You Ji Zhi San Da Bai Gu Jing is a 2016 Hong Kong-Chinese action fantasy film based on the classic novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en. The film was shot in 3D and is a sequel to the 2014 box office hit The Monkey King with Cheang Pou-soi returning as director and Sammo Hung as action director, who replaces Donnie Yen's role from the previous installment. The film stars Aaron Kwok, who portrayed the main antagonist in the previous installment, as the film's titular protagonist, who also replaces Yen from the previous installment. It was released in the United States on 5 February, in Hong Kong on 6 February and in China on 8 February 2016, (Synopsis): Soi Cheang and legendary action director Sammo Hung lead a star-studded cast in this sequel to the international blockbuster fantasy hit. 500 years after the Monkey King (Aaron Kwok, COLD WAR 2) wreaked havoc in heaven, a traveling monk (William Feng, WOLF TOTEM) releases him from his confines under the Five Finger Mountain. With newfound freedom the Monkey King vows to protect the innocent from a demon seeking immortality (Gong Li, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA) as he accompanies the monk on an epic journey to the West. Starring: Aaron Kwok, Gong Li, William Feng, Xiao Shen Yang, Him Law, Kris Phillips Director: Soi Cheang, Producer: Ah Gan, Wong Hoifung, Running Time: 120 minutes, Production company: Filmko Entertainment, Distributed by: Filmko Pictures, China Film Co Ltd, Jiangsu Anshi YingNa, Film Distribution: Release date: 5 February 2016 (United States), 6 February 2016 (Hong Kong), 8 February 2016 (China, Original Language: Mandarin, Dubbed Language: N/A, Subtitles: English, Extra: Making Of
"Ip Man" (2008) $9.95
Ip Man, also known as 叶问, 葉問, Yip Man is a 2008 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film based on the life of Ip Man, a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun and teacher of Bruce Lee. The film focuses on events in Ip's life that supposedly took place in the city of Foshan during the Sino-Japanese War. The film was directed by Wilson Yip, and stars Donnie Yen as Ip Man, with martial arts choreography by Sammo Hung. The supporting cast includes Simon Yam, Lynn Hung, Lam Ka-tung, Xing Yu, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi and Tenma Shibuya.(Synopsis): Ip Man, the grand master of the Wing Chun style of kung fu and sifu (master) of legendary kung fu superstar Bruce lee. Wing Chun has a history of more than 200 years. It was founded by Yim Wing Chun, took root in the hands of Leung Chun, and prospered with Ip Man. The art of Wing Chun has now become very popular with martial arts enthusiasts, especially oversea. It is a traditional Chinese martial art with a formidable reputation internationally.Starring: Donnie Yen Ji-Dan, Simon Yam Tat-Wah, Fan Siu-Wong, Lynn Hung Doi-Lam, Gordon Lam Ka-TungDirected by: Wilson Yip, Produced by: Raymond Wong, Running Time: 105 minuted, Languages: Cantonese/Mandarin, Subtitles: English Rating: 15+, Aspect Ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1, Special Features: Trailers [special features may not be subtitled in English]
"Ip Man 2" a.k.a. (Legend of the Grandmaster) (2010) $9.95
IP Man 2, also known as 叶问2 or Legend of the Grandmaster is a 2010 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film loosely based on the life of Ip Man, a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun. A sequel to the 2008 film Ip Man, Ip Man 2 was directed by Wilson Yip and stars Donnie Yen, who reprises the leading role. Continuing after the events of the earlier film, the sequel centers on Ip's movements in Hong Kong, which is under British colonial rule. He attempts to propagate his discipline of Wing Chun, but faces rivalry from other practitioners, including the local master of Hung Ga martial arts.(Synopsis): Continuing from where the first film left off, Wing Chun master Ip Man and his family move to Hong Kong in the early 1950s after their escape from the Japanese. There, he desires to open a school to propagate his art, as well as make his living, but he has difficulty attracting students due to his lack of reputation in the city. One day, a young man named Wong Leung (Huang Xiaoming) appears and promptly challenges Ip to a fight to test him, but is easily defeated in a brief bout. Leung leaves humiliated, only to return with some friends to gang up on him. Ip beats them as well. Stunned and impressed by his skills, Leung and his friends become his first students, bringing more disciples to help the school thrive. Ip later encounters his old friend Chow Ching-chuen (Simon Yam), and his son Kong-yiu while out shopping; Chow had apparently suffered a gunshot wound to the head from the Japanese. As a result, he suffered brain damage that has affected his memories, leaving the pair of them destitute. Ip is saddened by his friend's fate and offers to help Kong-yiu take care of his father, providing him with a job at a newspaper agency run by a friend. Starring: Donnie Yen, Lynn Hung, Simon Yam, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo Director: Wilson Yip Wai. Shun,  Producer: Raymond Wong Pak MingAction Director: Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Allen Lan Hai Han, Distributed by: Mandarin Films, Release date: 29 April 2010, Running time: 109 minutes Country:Hong Kong, Language: Cantonese
"IP Man 3" a.k.a. (Ye Wen 3) (2015) $9.95
IP Man 3, also known as 葉問3 or Ye Wen 3 is a 2015 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film directed by Wilson Yip, produced by Raymond Wong and written by Edmond Wong with action choreography by Yuen Woo-ping. It is the third in the Ip Man film series based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man and features Donnie Yen reprising the title role. The film also stars Mike Tyson, and Ip Man's pupil Bruce Lee is portrayed by Danny Chan. Principal photography commenced in March 2015 and ended in June that year.(Synopsis): Ip Man: The Legend is Born" takes place before the first Ip Man movie and chronicles the younger days of the Wing Chun pugilist. From a young age, Ip Man (Dennis To Yu Hang) was already learning Wing Chun from Chan Wah-Shun (played by Sammo Hung), and then subsequently from Leung Bik (played by Ip Chun) when his father sent him to Hong Kong's St Stephen's College to study. There Ip Man learns a different, improved style of Wing Chun from Leung Bik (Ip Chun) and his prowess in martial arts improves tremendously. After his return to Foshan, Ip Man fell in love with Wing Shing and confronted with great barriers. Meanwhile, Ng Chun Sui found that Ip Man's Wing Chun deviated from the traditional style which is totally unacceptable to a man strictly sticking to "origin". Starring: Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, Fan Sui WongDirected by: Wilson Yip, Produced by: Raymond Wong, Mandarin Audio Removable, English Subtitles: 16:9, Features: Anamorphic widescreen, Distributed by: Pegasus Motion Pictures, Release date: 16 December 2015 (Hong Kong premiere) 24 December 2015 (Hong Kong)
"Ip Man: The Final Fight" a.k.a. (Ye Wen Zhong Ji Pian) (2013) $12.95
Ip Man: The Final Fight, also known as 葉問之終极一戰, Ip Man: The Final Chapter, Ye Wen Zhi Zhong Pian and Ye Wen Zhong Ji Pian is a 2013 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film directed by Herman Yau, starring Anthony Wong, Anita Yuen, Jordan Chan, Eric Tsang and Gillian Chung. It is based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man. This film has no connection to the earlier Ip Man films, such as Wilson Yip's Ip Man and Ip Man 2, and Wong Kar-wai's The Grandmaster.(Synopsis): In postwar Hong Kong, legendary Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man is reluctantly called into action once more. What began as simple challenges from rival kung fu schools soon finds him drawn into the dark and dangerous underworld of the Triads. Now, to defend life and honor, Ip Man has no choice but to fight - one last time.Starring: Anthony Wong Chau Sang, Betty Huang Yi, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Gillian Chung Yun Tung, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Anita Yuen Wing Yee, Dennis To Yue Hong, Rose Chan Ka Wun, Hung Yan Yan, Jiang Lu Xia Director: Herman Yau Lai To, Producer: Albert Lee Nga Bok, Checkley Sin Kwok Lam, Action Director: Nicky Li Chung Chi, Checkley Sin Kwok Lam, Running Time: 101 minutes, Release Date: Nov 12, 2013, Original Language: Cantonese Dubbed, Language: English, Subtitle: English, Extras: Making of, Cast & Crew Interviews
"14 Blades" (2010) $10.95
14 Blades, also known as Jin Yi Wei, Kam Yi Wai and La 14ème Lame is a 2010 wuxia film directed by Daniel Lee, starring Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, Sammo Hung, Wu Chun, Kate Tsui, Qi Yuwu and Damian Lau. The film was released on 4 February 2010 in China and on 11 February 2010 in Hong Kong.(Synopsis): Donnie Yen is the lethal weapon in 14 Blades, the stylish wuxia film from acclaimed action movie master Daniel Lee (Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon) about Jinyiwei, the feared secret agents of the imperial court in ancient China who were famously clad in brocade costumes. There's probably no better choice than Yen for the headlining role of a hunted Jinyiwei commander, as the film offers plenty of opportunities for the martial arts superstar to flex his muscles. Further boosting the film's appeal are his attractive co-stars including Mainland actress Vicki Zhao (Red Cliff), Taiwan pop idol Wu Chun of Fahrenheit (Butterfly Lovers), Hong Kong Film Awards Best New Performer Kate Tsui (Eye in the Sky), and Singaporean actor Qi Yuwu (Painted Skin). Kung fu legend Sammo Hung, Shaw Brothers star Chen Kuan Tai, and veteran Hong Kong actors Wu Ma, Law Ka Ying, and Damian Lau round out the star-studded cast. Nominated for Best Action Choreography and Best Sound Design at the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards, 14 Blades was the top-grossing Chinese blockbuster during the 2010 Chinese New Year holidays.Starring: Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, Sammo Hung, Wu Chun, Kate Tsui, Qi Yuwu, Damian LauDirector: Daniel Lee Yan Gong, Action Director: Ku Huen Chiu, Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Country of Origin: Hong Kong, Picture Format: NTSC, Region Code: All Region,  Distributed by: Arclight Films, Easternlight Films, Release date: 4 February 2010 (China) 11 February 2010 (Hong Kong)  
"The Lost Bladesman" a.k.a. (Guan Yun Chang) (2011) $12.95
The Lost Bladesman, also known as 關雲長, or Guan Yun Chang is a 2011 Hong Kong-Chinese historical war and biopic action film loosely based on the story of Guan Yu crossing five passes and slaying six generals in the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Written and directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong, the film starred Donnie Yen as Guan Yu, with Yen also serving as the film's action director. (Synopsis): The Lost Bladesman is a 2011 Hong Kong historical martial arts film adapted from the story of Guan Yu crossing five passes and slaying six generals in Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It stars Donnie Yen as Guan, who also served as the film's action director. Written and directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong. Filming began in March 2010 and wrapped up on 30 June 2010. Starring: Donnie Yen , Jiang Wen, Sun Li,... Director :Felix Chong Man Keung, Alan Mak Siu Fai, Produced by: Leung TingAction Director: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Language: English, Mandarin,  Subtitles: English,  Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Format: NTSC, Region: All. Production company: Easternlight  Films, Pop Movies, Shanghai Film Group,  Anhui Media Industry, Group Co., Ltd., Star Union Skykee Film and Media Advertisement Co., Ltd., Distributed by: Edko Films, Easternlight Films, Release date: 28 April 2011
"Tiger Cage" a.k.a. (Dak ging to lung) (1988) $10.95
Tiger Cage, also known as 特警屠龍, Dak ging to lung, Te jing tu long, La Rançon des traîtres is a 1988 Hong Kong action film directed by Yuen Woo-ping and starring Simon Yam, Carol Cheng, Jacky Cheung, Irene Wan and Donnie Yen. The film was followed by a sequel, Tiger Cage 2, released two years later in 1990 featuring a new storyline, with Yuen returning as director and cast members, Yen and Cheng, returning in different roles. (Synopsis): Something fishy is going on in the anti-Drug Trafficking Unit of the HK Police, and only a few honest cops know that the corruption goes all the way to the top. However, they must prove their case quickly, and by unconventional means, after they are framed for murder and drug-trafficking themselves. Dodging bullets from cops and criminals alike, the race is on to clear their names, protect their loved ones, and bring their corrupt colleagues to justice. Starring: Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Carol Cheng Yu Ling, Simon Yam Tat Wah, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Ng Man Tat, Leung Kar Yan, Irene Wan Pik Ha Director: Yuen Woo Ping, Producer: Stephen Shin Gei Yin, Action  Director:  Paul Wong Kwan, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Yuen Cheung Yan, Yuen Shun Yee, Yuen Woo Ping, Yuen Yat Chor, Languages: Cantonese Mandarin, English, Subtitles: English,  Running Time: 89 minutes, Production company: D&B Films,  Release date: 28 July 1988
"Wing Chun" (1994) $9.95
Wing Chun, also known as 詠春 or The Legend Of Kung Fu Queen (Synopsis): Yim Wing Chun (Michelle Yeoh) is locally renowned for her fierce kung fu. Scholar Wong Hok Chow (Waise Lee) comes to town for Beach Festival Day; concerned about protecting his assets from bandits, he decides the best way to secure the services of Yim Wing Chun as a bodyguard is to marry her. Wing Chun’s aunt, known as Abacus Fong, takes a liking to Scholar Wong. On Festival Day, Charmy comes to town looking for medicine for her sick husband; the bandits attack, see the beauty of Charmy and decide to kidnap her for their 2nd Fortress Lord. Later, Leung Pok To (Donnie Yen) comes to town looking for his long-ago fiancee Wing Chun; also looking for Wing Chun is 2nd Fortress Lord’s defender, known as Flying Chimpanzee. Starring: Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen Ji-Dan, Waise Lee Chi-Hung, Yuen King-Tan, Catherine Hung Yan, Norman Tsui, Chang Pei Pei Director : Anthony Wong Wing Fai, Yuen Woo Ping, Producer: Yuen Woo Ping, Action Director: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Yuen Shun Yee, Yuen Woo Ping,  Letterboxed,  Language: English, Running time: 97 minutes.
"Once Upon A Time In China II" a.k.a. (Wong Fei Hung II: Nam yee tung chi keung) (1992) $9.95
Once Upon A Time In China II, also known as 黄飞鸿之二:男儿当自强,  Wong Fei-hung ji yi: Naam yi dong ji keung, La Secte du lotus blanc, Il était une fois en Chine 2 and Once Upon A Time In China 2  is a 1992 Hong Kong martial arts film written and directed by Tsui Hark, and starring Jet Li as Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-hung.[2] It is the second instalment in the Once Upon a Time in China film series. The iconic theme song, A Man Should Better Himself (男兒當自強), was performed in Cantonese by George Lam at the beginning of the film, and by Jackie Chan in the end credits. (Chan also sang the Mandarin version. (Synopsis): This first sequel to the acclaimed Once Upon a Time in China continues the adventures of Legendary Martial Artist Wong Fei Hung, played once again by Jet Li. In Canton for an east-west medical conference, Fei Hung befriends Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, who is secretly leading a movement to overthrow the emperor and create a Chinese republic. Unfortunately, Fei Hung also runs afoul of the White Lotus sect, a fanatic cult bent on purging all things foreign from China. When the White Lotus burn down the foreign language school, Fei Hung takes its displaced students to the British consulate after being rebuffed by commander Lan (Donnie Yen) at city hall. Lan wants Sun Yat-Sen, and so he stands by while the White Lotus attack the consulate where Dr. Sun is hiding, so that he can seize him and his list of followers. Needless to say, this eventually forces a confrontation with Wong Fei Hung, who must also deal with the White Lotus and their leader, the seemingly invincible Priest Kung. Starring: Jet Li Lian-Jie, Max Mok Siu-Chung, Rosamund Kwan Chi-Lam, Donnie Yen Ji-Dan, David Chiang (Keung Dai-Wai), Zhang Tie Lin,  Paul Fonoroff Director: Tsui Hark, Producer: Ng See Yuen, Tsui Hark, Action Director: Yuen Woo Ping, Languages: English, Running Time: 108 minutes, Production company: Film Workshop, Golden Harvest, Paragon Films Ltd, Distributed by: Golden Harvest, Release date: 16 April 1992
"Fist Of Fury: Sworn Revenge" a.k.a. (Fist Of Fury 2) (2001) $9.95
Fist of Fury: The Sequel, also known as Jing Wu Men and Fist of Fury - Sworn Revenge. (Synopsis): After their parents are murdered by bandits, Chen Jun (Donnie Yen) and his younger sister are forced to journey to Shanghai in order to raise enough money to rebuild their homes. Neither of them, particularly Chen, realized just how dangerous city life could be. Chen quickly finds himself the member of a gang, which nearly gets him killed. finally, he becomes a student of kung fu master Fok Yuen Gaap (Eddy Ko). This film also features Hung Yen Yen and Lau Chi-wing. Starring: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Hung Yan Yan, Eddie Ko Hung, David Lau Chi Wing, Chapman To Man Chat Director: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Action Director; Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Language: English, Aspect Ratio: 4:3, Format: NTSC, Region: All     
Iron Monkey a.k.a. Siunin Wong Fei-hung tsi titmalau, 少年黃飛鴻之鐵馬騮 (1993) Iron Monkey a.k.a. Siunin Wong Fei-hung tsi titmalau, 少年黃飛鴻之鐵馬騮 (1993)
Iron Monkey a.k.a. Siunin Wong Fei-hung tsi titmalau, 少年黃飛鴻之鐵馬騮 (1993) $10.95
Iron Monkey, also known as 少年黃飛鴻之鐵馬騮,  少年黄飞鸿之铁骝, Shaonian Huang Fei Hong zhi tiemaliu, Siunin Wong Fei-hung tsi titmalau and Iron Monkey : The Young Wong Fei Hong is a 1993 Hong Kong martial arts film written and produced by Tsui Hark and directed by Yuen Woo-ping, starring Donnie Yen, Yu Rongguang, Jean Wang, Angie Tsang and Yuen Shun-yi. It is not related to the 1977 Hong Kong film of the same title. (Synopsis): An herbal doctor becomes a masked hero to the oppressed local population during the Chinese Qing Dynasty and must face an evil Manchu official and his Shaolin monks as well as local officials. Overview: Directed by Yuen Wo Ping (best known as the action director on The Matrix), Iron Monkey features a very straightforward Robin-Hood-type story as the background for fast-paced, wall-to-wall action. The film features some incredibly imaginative choreography and great camera-work making it quite possibly the quintessential wire-work martial arts extravaganza of the ’90s. Some of the wire-enhanced acrobatics may look a little fake at times, but it rarely detracts from the stunning, inventive fight scenes that fills the screen. Especially entertaining is the final battle atop a court-full of burning wooden poles! Each one of the main characters are top-notch martial artists, and the film gives them all a chance to show just how good they really are. For pure jaw-dropping, no-holds barred fantasy action, nothing beats Iron Monkey. Starring: Donnie Yen Ji-Dan, Yu Rong Guang, Jean Wang Ching-Ying, Yen Shi-Kwan, Chang Si Man, Lee Fai, James Wong Jim, Yuen Shun-Yi, Hsiao Ho, Director: Yuen Woo Ping, Producer: Tsui Hark, Action Director: Yuen Cheung Yan, Yuen Shun Yee, Yuen Woo Ping, Language: English, Distributed by: Golden Harvest, Gala Film Distribution, Release date: 3 September 1993, Running time: 90 minutes, Country Hong Kong.
"Dragon Inn" a.k.a. (Xin long men ke zhan) (1992) $10.95
Dragon Inn, also known as  新龙门客栈, The New Dragon Inn, Xin long men ke zhan, The New Dragon Gate Inn and L' Auberge du dragon is a 1992 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Raymond Lee and produced by Tsui Hark, starring Brigitte Lin, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Maggie Cheung, and Donnie Yen. It was released as Dragon Inn in North America. (Synopsis): This action-packed Hong Kong film, produced by Tsui Hark, is a clear predecessor of CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON. In the movie, an evil eunuch warlord (Donnie Yen) conspires against the Ming Dynasty and meets his match in the form of a motley band of acrobatic warriors led by the rebel Chow (Tony Leung) and the manager of the titular inn, the mysterious Jade (Maggie Cheung). This epic production features masterful fight sequences and a stunning finale shot in the Gobi desert. Starring: Donnie Yen, Maggie Cheung Man-yuk, Tony Leung Kar-Fai, Brigitte Lin Director: Tony Ching  Siu Tung, Raymond Lee Wai Man, Tsui  Hark, Producer: Tsui Hark, Action Director: Tony Ching Siu Tung, Yuen Bun, Language: English  Cantonese, Mandarin, Subtitles: English, Production  company: Film Workshop Seasonal Film Corporation, Distributed by: Golden Harvest, Release  date: 27 August 1992, Running  time: 103 minutes.      
"Shanghai Affairs" a.k.a. 新唐山大兄 (1998) $19.95
Shanghai Affairs, is a 1998 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by and starring Donnie Yen. This film is Yen's second directorial feature. (Synopsis): Tong Shan (Donnie Yen) is a doctor who returns from Britain to Shanghai after graduating from medical school. Tong opens a clinic in a poor village in Shanghai to help sick people who cannot afford medical care. However, the Axe Gang, led by Yue Lo-chat, arrives and plans to tear apart the village and build a casino there. Tong and his assistant, Bond (Ruco Chan), protect the village and drive the gang away, angering Yue. One day, Tong meets Yue's younger sister, Yue Siu-sin (Athena Chu), who is mute due to an illness. Tong cures Siu-sin and their relationship grows closer, which angers Yue even more since he is against western medicine. Later, some kids are kidnapped and found dead without internal organs. Tong investigates and discovers that his mentor, Lui Mung, and Yue are the masterminds behind this. Lui and Yue frames Tong and Yue starts a persecution on Tong. Starring: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Athena Chu Yan, Yu Rong Guang, Woody Chan Chin Pang, Kenji Tanigaki, Chen Hung, Lam Yiu San Director: Donnie Yen Chi Tan Producer: Rainy Chan Choi Yin, Lau Jun Fai, Action Director: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Language: Cantonese, English Subtitles,  Features: 16.9, Running Time: 90 Minutes, NTSC
Tiger Cage 2 a.k.a. Sai hak  chin,Xi hei qian, 洗黑钱 (1990)
Tiger Cage 2 a.k.a. Sai hak chin,Xi hei qian, 洗黑钱 (1990) $9.95
Tiger Cage 2, is a 1990 Hong Kong action film directed by Yuen Woo-ping and starring Donnie Yen. The film is a sequel to the 1988 film Tiger Cage, which was also directed by Yuen, and features a new storyline with returning cast members Yen and Carol Cheng in different roles. (Synopsis): Donnie Yen plays a hot-headed ex-cop named Dragon Yau whose attitude has got him in trouble with his bosses and his wife. On a trip to the lawyers, he is witness to a robbery where a suitcase of money disappears and a lot of guys get shot. Somehow, he ends up with lawyer Mandy Chang (Rosamund Kwan) on the run from the cops who think they committed a murder and from the bad guys that think they have the money. Reluctantly they are forced to form an alliance with one of the bad guys, David (David Wu), who has been betrayed by the gang led by Waise Chow (Robin Shou). Starring: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam, Robin Shou Wan Bo, David Ng Dai Wai, Gary Chau Ging Yeung Director: Yuen Woo Ping, Producer: Stephen Shin Gei Yin, Languages: English, Mandarin, Subtitles: English, Running Time: 91 Minutes.  
"Heroes Among Heroes" a.k.a. Fist Of The Red Dragon (1993) $9.95
Heroes Among Heroes, also known as Fist Of The Red Dragon, 蘇乞兒 is a 1993 Hong Kong martial arts film produced and directed by Yuen Woo-ping and starring Donnie Yen as the titular protagonist, So Chan, whom was one of the Ten Tigers of Canton. The film shows opium smugglers in the Qing Dynasty, China, with Officer Lin Zexu and Chinese martial arts master and folk hero of Cantonese ethnicity, Wong Fei-hung fighting against them. It was released in the US as Fist of the Red Dragon. (Synopsis): Action-Packed as usual with Donnie Yen kicking his adversaries in the role of "Beggar Su". Basic plot resolves around a young Beggar Su getting addicted to opium and manipulated by a scheming imperial prince to fight against WFH and assassinate a righteous general. As expected, Beggar Su repents and gangs up with WFH against the prince in a climatic battle. Guess who he has helping the prince, the White Lotus sect of course... Starring: Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Wong Gok, Fennie Yuen Kit Ying, Hung Yan Yan, Ng Man Tat, Kwan Hoi San Director: Yuen Woo Ping, Chan Chin Chung, Producer: Yuen Woo Ping, Chan Chin Chung, Action Director: Yuen Clan, Language: English, Format: NTSC All, Features: Aspect Ratio 16:9, Running Time: 91 Minutes.