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"The Spiritual Boxer" (1975)
"The Spiritual Boxer" (1975)

"The Spiritual Boxer" (1975)

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The Spiritual Boxer, also known as Naked Fists Of Terror, 神打, Shen Da, Wang Yu défie le Maître du Karaté Action director Liu Chia-liang makes a mind-boggling directorial debut in The Spiritual Boxer, which not only quickly established Liu as a genius director but he was also credited with introducing comedy into the kung-fu genre; the pre-cursor for Jackie Chan's kung-fu comedies. Its Ghostbusters meets George C. Scott's The Flim-Flam Man as a pseudo-ghost catcher, wittily portrayed by kung-fu comedienne Wang Yu, and catches more than he bargained for.

(Synopsis): Wong Yu plays Hsio Chien, who along with his master Chi are kung fu commen who pretend their admittedly good kung fu reaches a level beyond mere mortals. When master Chi is too drunk to perform for the town folk, the young Chien takes his place and pretends to be possessed by the Monkey God. The crowd believes him and obey his commands to feed and give him money. When Chi is picked up by local authorities, Chien is forced to make it on his own. Despite becoming increasingly proficient in his scams. Chien develops a Robin Hood-esque sense of fair play as he helps out the down trodden locals against bullying shopkeepers and a local gangster. Eventually he becomes a well-respected figure in the community due to his 'connection' with the spirits. All goes well until he is exposed by allies of the gangster and must face them with real kung fu.

 Starring: Wong Yu (Wang Yu), Lam Jan Kei (Lin Chen Chi), Ti Lung, Chen Kuan Tai, Kong Yeung, Chan Mei Hua, Chan Shen, Fung Hak On, Ha Ping, Keung Hon, Lee Hoi Sang, Lee Sau Kei, Ng Hong Sang, Ngaai Fei, Shut Chung Tin, Shum Lo, Tin Ching, Wong Ching Ho.

Director: Lau Kar Leung, Producer: Runme Shaw, Action Director: Lau Kar Leung, Languages: English, Running Time: 99 minutes, Film Company: Shaw Brothers