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"The Fighting Fool" a.k.a. 夺棍 (1979)
"The Fighting Fool" a.k.a. 夺棍 (1979)

"The Fighting Fool" a.k.a. 夺棍 (1979)

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The Fighting Fool, also known as 夺棍 (1979)

(Synopsis): It’s Meng Yuan-wen (star of The Master Strikes) versus Kuan Feng in this wild and wacky wushu saga of a priceless pole with a spectacular secret. A master martial artist’s silly disciple struggles to save it from an evil white slaver, the slaver’s duplicitous
wife, and even his own bone-headed, but greedy, companion. Hsu Hsia choreographs the abundant action, as he had for both Five Superfighters and Drunken Master. The result is both sublime (for its kung-fu) and engagingly ridiculous. 

Starring: Meng Yuen Man, Kwan Feng, Chun Wong, Wang Sha, Helen Poon Bing Seung
Chiang Cheng, Ng Hong Sang.

Director: John Law Ma, Patrick Yuen Ho Chuen, Action Director: Hsu Hsia, Chui Fat, Language: Cantonese, Subtitles English,, Features: Apect Ratio 16.9, Format: NTSC All, Running Time: 93 Minutes.