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The Brave In Kung Fu Shadow a.k.a. Imperial Sword (1977)

The Brave In Kung Fu Shadow a.k.a. Imperial Sword (1977)

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The Brave In Kung Fu Shadow, also known as Kung Fu in the Brave Shadow, Kung Fu Shadow, Imperial Sword.

(Synopsis): Kung Fu superstars Chang Yi, Judy Lee, Roe Tien and Jack Long star in this masterpiece of action cinema from Jackie Chan's long time director and mentor Chen Chi Hwa. The Wicked Eunuch (Chang Yi) is after the "Glory Sword", a Chinese Excalibur. After sending countless fighters out after it, he finally dons the dreaded Golden Claw and seeks it out for himself, but Judy Lee and Roc Tien stand in his way!

Starring: Chia Ling (Judy Lee), Roc Tien Peng, Chang Yi, Miao Tien, Chin Lung, Lung Fei
Jack Long, Hsieh Hsing, Yue Yang, Ho Kong, Shaw Luo Hui

Director: Chan Chi Hwa, Action Director: Hsieh Hsing, Language: English, Aspect Ratio: 4:3, Format: NTSC, Region: All, Video: 4:3 Fullscreen Version, Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, Language: English Language, Subtitles: None,