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"Revenge Of The Shaolin Master" a.k.a. (Leng Dao Ran Hong Ying Xiong Xue) (1979)
"Revenge Of The Shaolin Master" a.k.a. (Leng Dao Ran Hong Ying Xiong Xue) (1979)

"Revenge Of The Shaolin Master" a.k.a. (Leng Dao Ran Hong Ying Xiong Xue) (1979)

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Revenge Of The Shaolin Master, also known as 冷刀染红英雄血, Leng Dao Ran Hong Ying Xiong Xue, Revenge Of A Shaolin Master, La Révolte du dragon and Ninja Thunderkicks. 

(Synopsis): martial arts mayhem is all about! When a shipment of food and money meant for a drought-struck region is hijacked in a vicious sword battle, the leader of the transport (Lee Chan-Hu) is framed for the theft and tortured in front of his family. But it is all an elaborate plot by a local official to assume total power over the entire region. Escaping into the wilderness where a group of his loyal troops await, Lee Chan-Hu is pursued by a government agent intent on finding out the absolute truth of what is going on. But the truth is something that no one wants exposed, and a bloody assassination is something that those marked for death have no chance of surviving...or do they? Amazing unending fight scenes, incredible stunts, and enough deadly swordplay to choke a camel! So if you wonder what action director Yuen Wo Ping ("The Matrix" trilogy, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", "Kill Bill") was able to do without a Hollywood censor behind the scenes, check out "Revenge Of The Shaolin Master"!

Starring: Dorian Tan (Tao Liang, Delon Tan), Chan Sing (Chen Xing), Chang Fu-Jian (Chen Fu-Jan), Yang Rou-Lan, Liu San, Lung Fei, Tsai Hung, Yang Chin-Cheng, Yuan Sheng, Chiang Tao, Hu Wei, Sha Li-Wei, Chao Ting

Director: Joe Law Chi, Action Director: Yuen Cheung Yan, Yuen Woo Ping, Languages: English, Running Time: 93 minutes.