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"Ninja Wolves" a.k.a. (A Pretended Rebel) (1979)
"Ninja Wolves" a.k.a. (A Pretended Rebel) (1979)

"Ninja Wolves" a.k.a. (A Pretended Rebel) (1979)

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Ninja Wolves, also known as A Pretended Rebel.

(Synopsis): A corrupt eunuch general who uses his personal body guards as a hit squad to anyone who opposes his views. 2 Japanese swordsmen who join the general's body guards and quickly rise up and cause deception in the ranks. Packed with good quality kung fu action!

Starring: Chang Yi, Yueh Hua, Chan muk Chuen, Eddy Ko Hung, Miu Tin, Wong Hap, Sun Jung Chi, Shih Ting Ken, Ma Cheung, Siu Gam...

Director: Joe Law Chi, Region Code: All, Format: NTSC, Running Time: 90 minutes, Languages: English, dubbed, Subtitles: None, Aspect Ratio: 4:3, Video: Color / 4:3 / Fullscreen Version, Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono.