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"Shaolin Ex Monk" a.k.a. (Renegade Monk) (1979)
"Shaolin Ex Monk" a.k.a. (Renegade Monk) (1979)

"Shaolin Ex Monk" a.k.a. (Renegade Monk) (1979)

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Shaolin Ex Monk, also known as 四兩搏千斤, Si liang bo qian jin, A Notorious Ex-Monk, Renegade Monk 

(Synopsis): The shaolin Monastery--well known for both its courageous monks and the fierce superiority of its martial artists--has somehow spawned a renegade monk whose taste for criminal pursuits of every kind has sparked a martial arts manhunt north of the Yangtze River, eventually involving the terrifying expertise of the "Seven Immovable Limbs" kung fu master, Ling Chu-Fei. When a young orphan nicknamed "Small Mid-Fish" becomes the talented disciple of Master Ling, the renegade monk begins to plot their demise in a number of ingenious ways, but to no avail. The deadly trio meet at last in a gut-wrenching duel that'll kick up enough dust and blood to cover just about anyone's living room floor.

Starring: John Liu (Chung Liang), Blacky Ko Sau-Leung (Shou Liang), Wong Hang Sau (Hwang Hsing Shaw, Cecilia Wong, Celia Wong), Alan Chui, Jack Lung, Shih Ting Ken, Chang Chi Ping, Lau Ming, Ching Kuo Chung, Ngok Yeung, Tse Chung Mau, Hoh Gong, Chen Chin Hai, Cheung Chung Kwai, Mau Ging Shun, Lam Gwong Wing

Director: Cheung San Yee, Action Director: Blacky Ko Sau Leung, Alan Chui Chung San, Full Screen, Mono, Trailers, Languages: English,  Subtitles: None, Running Time: 86 minutes.