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"Secret of Shaolin Kung Fu" a.k.a. (Hu die shi ba shi) (1979)
"Secret of Shaolin Kung Fu" a.k.a. (Hu die shi ba shi) (1979)

"Secret of Shaolin Kung Fu" a.k.a. (Hu die shi ba shi) (1979)

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Secret Of Shaolin Kung Fu, also known as Butterfly 18, Invincible Shaolin Kung Fu, La Vengeance de Wu and Le Secret de Shaolin.

(Synopsis): Mystery of Chess Boxing" star Lee Yi Min stars as the leader of the beggar gang. Armed with the Deadly 18 Butterfly fist, he must defeat the clan's deadliest rival: The Golden Fox. Great training and acrobatic fights make this one of Lee's best films! Shaolin Kung Fu master Lee Yi Min shares his vast knowledge of the once-secret martial art. The techniques of this particular form of Kung Fu, born in the Shaolin Temple, include an early demonstration of the Butterfly style. This artful, timeless instructional program also stars Chan Hui Lan and Sun Winn Gi.

Starring: Lee Yi Min, Chan Wai Lau, Sun Jung Chi, Chui Chung Hei, Goo Chang, Ma Chin Ku, Ching Kuo Chung, Shih Ting Ken, Ma Cheung

Director: Got Si Ho, Producer: Ying Kwok Chung, Action Director: Suen Shu Pau,  Region Code: All, Format: NTSC, Running Time: 87 minutes, Languages: English dubbed, Subtitles: None, Aspect Ratio: 4:3.