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"Rage of The Master" a.k.a. The Hero, The Destroyer (1975)

"Rage of The Master" a.k.a. The Hero, The Destroyer (1975)

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Rage of The Master, also known as The Hero, The Destroyer, Wei Zhen Si Fang, Wang Yu The destroyer, Rage Of The Tiger.

(Synopsis): Tiger Wong (Jimmy Wang Yu) is a student of martial arts who made a promise to his late father never to show his martial arts skills in public. a gang of mercenaries raid a nearby village. The villagers, led by Fong Li, send a party to ask for his help. But Tiger Wong refuses to help or get involved in the trouble. Only after seeing the brutality of the gang does he decide to take some action. Jimmy Wang Yu delivers a visual feast of dynamic martial arts action in typical style. Blood and guts performances. 

Starring: Jimmy Wang Yu, Lee I Min, Lisa Chiao Chiao, Lung Fei, Shan Mao, Cheng Fu Hung. 

Director: Wong Hung Cheung, Action Director: Kwan Hung, Uncut Version, Language: English, Format: NTSC All,  Features: Aspect Ratio 2:35.1, Running Time: 90 Minutes.