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"Kill The Shogun" (1975)

"Kill The Shogun" (1975)

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Kill The Shogun, (1975)

(Synopsis): In 1592, the Japanese Shogun Hideyoshi failed in his attempt to invade Korea (and later, China through Korea) This Hong Kong kung-fu thriller, is loosely based on that historical incident. Since the real Hideyoshi is not an issue and kung-fu is the star of the movie anyway, historical narration does not overpower the action. Basically, the movie shows the Koreans fighting the Japanese against all odds, but as everyone knows, the one Korean officer with the fast kicking feet, is going to whomp the heck out of anything that moves and single-handedly send Hideyoshi packing. 

Overview: When the Japanese gain control of the government in Seoul in the early 1900's, the Korean army is ordered to disarm and disband. Many soldiers kill themselves in shame, but In-yong comes up with a daring plan to prove that the Japanese are not invincible.

Starring:  Hwang Jang Lee, Dae-hi Gang, Dae-hie Kang, Su-cheon Bae 

Languages: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 – Stereo) Features: Letterboxed Mono
Imbedded Subtitles, Running Time: 103 Minutes.