"Deadly Outlaw: Rekka" a.k.a. Violent Fire (2002)


"Deadly Outlaw: Rekka" a.k.a. Violent Fire (2002)


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Deadly Outlaw: Rekka, also known as Violent Fire, is a 2002 Japanese yakuza film directed by Takashi Miike starring Riki Takeuchi and Sonny Chiba. Known in Japan as Jitsuroku: Andō Noboru Kyōdō-den - Rekka (実録・安藤昇侠道伝 烈火, "Noboru Ando's True Outlaw Tales: Raging Fire"), it is loosely based on actor Noboru Ando's former life as a yakuza. 

                        VIOLENT FIRE

Noboru Ando's True Account of Yakuza Outlaws

Rage of the Beast Burst the Yakuza Soul!!!

            A Vengeful Furious Beast!!!

(Synopsis): Yoshikatsu sanada boss of the Sanada gang, a powerful syndicate in the Kanto region, is assassinated by a hit man from the rival OTAKI-kai-Nakajo gang. Arata Kunisada, a young member of the Sanada gang, loved Sanada more than his father,goes insane with anger and sadness after learning of the assassination. While a reconciliation is being arranged by the Bando Association, a sinister plot to take over both gangs is being worked out, taking advantage of Kunisada's rage. And the boss of Otaki-kai is as-sassinated as planned, but a hit man is also sent for Kunisada! Once learning of this plot, Kunisada's raging beast blood goes out of control...  

Overview: Takashi Miike radically portrays the heated souls of the yakuzain a way Noboru Ando never before! The power of Beasts rages among modern-day berserkers played by an all-star cast! An outlaw legend portrayed by the combination of three prominent figures, unparalleled in history!

Starring: Riki Takeuchi - Arata Kunisada, Ken'ichi Endō - Eiichi Shimatani, Ryōsuke Miki - Sudō, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi - Gorō Tabata, Rikiya Yasuoka - Masakatsu Kugihara
Kazuya Nakayama - Tadashi Iguchi, Joe Yamanaka - Nobuhiro Hiraoka

Directed by: Takashi Miike, Language: Japanese, Subtitles: English and German, Format: NTSC All, Features: Aspect Ratio 16:9, Running Time: 96 Minutes.

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