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"Hero Of The Time" a.k.a. (Yi dai ying hao) (1979)
"Hero Of The Time" a.k.a. (Yi dai ying hao) (1979)

"Hero Of The Time" a.k.a. (Yi dai ying hao) (1979)

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Hero Of The Time, also known as 一代英豪 and Yi dai ying hao. When a vicious gang starts to pressurise a small town, a government official (Tan Tao Liang), is despatched to resolve the problem. The plot remains on well trodden turf with Manchus seeking to obtain a secret document and Ming patriots rallying round against them.

(Synopsis): Kung fu cinema's number one bad boy, Lung Fei, portrays the master of Golden Kung Fu and he uses his skill to take control of a small town. An old beggar and a flashy leg fighter team up to take him on. The evil warlord then employs the services of a top master fighter but unknown to him, he is the brother of the leg fighter. Now the three martial mates team up to take on the Golden Kung Fu menace.

Starring: Chung Wa, Dorian Tan Tao-Liang, Chan Sing (Chen Sing), Lung Fei, Woo Gam, Sit Hon, Shih Ting-Ken, Sally Chen Sha-Li, Cheung Wan-Man, Chen I-Ho, Cheung Bo-Sin, Mau Ging-Shun, Ma Cheung, Peter Chang, Gam Man-Hei, Cheung Ga-Tai, Lee Gam-Gong, Lee Kwan-Chung, A Yan, Tiu Yan-Ching

Director: Hsieh Kuang Na, Cinematographer: Hsu Te L, Languages: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 - Stereo - Dual Mono), Subtitles: Chinese, Running Time: 95 minutes.