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"Eagle's Claw" a.k.a. Ying Zhao Tang Lang (1978)
"Eagle's Claw" a.k.a. Ying Zhao Tang Lang (1978)

"Eagle's Claw" a.k.a. Ying Zhao Tang Lang (1978)

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Eagle's Claw, also known as Eagle Fist, Ying zhao tang lang and Ying chau tong long is a 1978 martial arts film directed by Lee Tso Nam, starring Wong Tao, Chang Yi and Chi Kwan Chun.

(Synopsis): The Eagle's Claw school and the Praying Mantis school are rivals. When the Praying Mantis school attacks the Eagle's and kills the Eagle's head teacher, The prized student joins the Mantis. The remaining Eagle's Claw students toughen up in order to save their pride and their lives.

Overview: Planning to destroy the Eagle's Claw school, Mantis Fist fighter Chao Ma Wu (Chang Yi) joins the Ching army to fight the rebels. The master of the Eagles Claw school is murdered. Chen (Chi Kuan Chung) one of the head students is blamed and he runs away. He gets Chao to accept him as a student and learns half of the Mantis Style. Together with another student (Wang Tao) they defeat Cha Ma Wa.

(Starring): Chi Kuan Chun, Don Wong Tao, Chang Yi, Hwa Ling, Yu Chung Chiu, Philip Ko Fei.

Director: Lee Tso Nam, Producer: Huang Feng, Action Director: Chan Siu Pang, Tommy Lee Gam Ming,  Language: English, Features: Aspect Ratio 235:1, Format: NTSC All, Running time: 86 Minutes.