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"Death Ring" (1984)

"Death Ring" (1984)

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Death Ring, (1984)

(Synopsis): Shaw Brothers kung fu films Chang Cheh, directs a group of Shaw superstars which include Ti Lung, Chen Kuan Tai, Lu Feng, and Chen Sing in this kung fu thriller! When a father is framed for murder, his son travels to the exotic Thailand to find him, and ends up fighting in a "Death Ring" championship. From the snake style to tiger claw kung fu, Death Ring will have kung fu fans dying for more!

Starring: Chen Kuan Tai, Lee Chung Yat, Ti Lung, Chan Sing, Lu Feng, Lau Fong Sai
Keung Hon.

Director: Chang Cheh, Lu Feng, Producer: Chang Cheh, Action Director: Lu Feng, Chiu Gwok, Uncut Version, Language: English, Format: NTSC All, Features: Aspect Ratio: 4.3, Running Time: 90 Minutes.