Hello music fans. Here is a up and coming artist that deserves to be noticed! She has worked very hard since she was a little girl. When she was in the school of the arts she was labeled a Triple Threat. (For those who may not know what this means). It is a term for a performer who excels at acting, singing, and dancing. Her dedication and passion to what she loves to do goes as far as, her performing in the subways of New York City, standing on the steps at  "Times Square", in New York city and performing in front of thousands. She has been on a show called "Derailed" performed off Broadway and the list goes on!. She is one to certainly watch for!  Well...with no further ado, Get ready for!... And introducing! Drum role please!!

The Very talented and Beautiful singer, Song writer, choreographer and actress from Brooklyn New York. "Ayya"!!

"Ayya". You can follow her on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/im.ayya/

and https://soundcloud.com/imayya