"My Life's On The Line" a.k.a. (60 Second Assassin) (1979) $9.95
My Life's on the Line, also known as Sixty Second Assassin, 賭命走天涯, Minute Fong, La Force brutale du kung fu, and 60 Second Assassin in the West, is a 1978 Taiwanese martial arts film directed by Chester Wong and starring Bryan Leung, Dean Shek and Man Lee-pang.(Synopsis): Minute Fong is a ruthless contract killer who dispatches his victims in precisely sixty seconds. Working exclusively for an organization headed by the Master Chou Jan Tung, Fong begins to take on his assignments with reluctance. Realizing that Fon...Starring: Leung Kar Yan, Phillip Ko Fei, Johnny Wang (Lung Wei), Siu Gam, Chan Lau, Dai Sai Aan, Kong Do (Kong Tao), Sai Gwa Paau, Cheung Chok Chow, Tsui Oi Sam, Chow Shing BohDirector: Wang Chung Kwong, Produced by: Hu Tai-fu, Action Director: Wan Li Pang, Man Lee Pang, Chim Lung, Language: English, Aspect Ratio: 4:3, Format: NTSC, Region: All, Release date: 7 December 1978
"Bloody Parrot" a.k.a. 血鸚鵡 (1981) $14.95
Bloody Parrot, also known as 血鸚鵡  is a 1981 Shaw Brothers film.   (Synopsis): Let's get one thing straight right away. There is no blood-splattered bird in this fast paced fantasy kung-fu film, but there is a swashbuckling mercenary of that nickname, who seems to be helping the Chief of the Imperial Vault recover the Emperor's stolen riches until the Chief is stabbed to death by the imperial concubine. Then it's up to mercenary swordsman Pai Piao to brave blades, poison pins, and several booby-trapped mazes to save the royal jewels. Hell is raised in the martial arts world as forces of good and evil engage in a life-or-death battle for the fabled "bloody parrot". According to legend, this bloody parrot, transformed by dark magic, grants three wishes to anyone who sees it. Like many other people in the martial arts world, swordsman Yeh Ting Feng (Pai Piao) is curious about the truth behind the bloody parrot, and has been investigating its whereabouts. Renowned constable Tieh Han (Tony Liu), meanwhile, is tracing thirteen chests that mysteriously disappeared from the Wang manor. Yeh and Tieh cross paths one night in a cemetery. As the bloody parrot flies overhead, Tieh falls under its curse... Starring: Jason Pai Piao Anthony Lau Wing, Kwan Feng, Yeung Jing Jing, Chan Shen, Goo Goon Chung, Jenny Leung Jan Lei, Wong Mei Mei Director: Hua Shan, Action Director: Hsu Hsia, Assistant Action Director: Yuen Tak, Region Code: All, Format: NTSC, Running Time: 92 minutes. Uncut Languages: Mandarin, Subtitles: English, Aspect Ratio: 16:9
"Return Of The Bastard Swordsman" a.k..a. (Bu Yi Shen Xiang) (1984) $19.95
Return Of The Bastard Swordsman, also known as Bu Yi Shen Xiang, Bastard Swordsman 2 is a 1984 film Produced by Shaw Brothers. (Synopsis): Just when audiences thought he director couldn't get more spectacular and outrageous, he unleashed this eye-filling, mind-bending "Martial Arts World" sequel of clan rivalries, ninja atrocities, wizard sorceries, and the mythical Silkworm style that changes our hero into a veritable Spider-swordsman. The screen practically explodes with colorful characters and kung-fu -- all directed, co-written, and co-choreographed by Lu Chun-ku, and showcasing some of the best Shaw Brothers action stars. The original Bastard Swordsman was just the beginning, this superlative cult classic that out-phantasmagoricals the original.Starring: Norman Chu (Siu Keung), Lau Wing, Alex Man Chi-Leung, Chen Kuan Tai, Goo Goon Chung, Jason Pai Piao, Kong Do, Lau Siu Gwan, Liu Lai Ling, Lo Lieh, Lung Tien Hsiang, Phillip Ko Fei, Sun Chien, Chan LauDirector: Tony Liu Jun Guk, Producer: Mona Fong Yat Wah, Lawrence Wong Ka Hee, Action Director: Tony Liu Jun Guk, Yuen Tak. Features: Anamorphic Widescreen 2.35:1, Duration: 7, Running Time: 90 minutes. Languages: Cantonese (Dolby Digital) Mandarin (Dolby Digital), Subtitles: English Chinese (Traditional)
"Legend of a Fighter" a.k.a. (Secret Master) (1982) $9.95
Legend of a Fighter, also known as 霍元甲 or Huo Yuan Jia and Secret Master is a 1982 Hong Kong martial arts film based on the story of Chinese martial artist Huo Yuanjia (Cantonese: Fok Yuen-gap). Directed by Yuen Woo-ping, the film starred Bryan Leung as the lead character.","(About this film): Legend of a Fighter is a 1982 Hong Kong martial arts film based on the story of Chinese martial artist Huo Yuanjia (Cantonese: Fok Yuen-gap). Directed by Yuen Woo-ping, the film starred Bryan Leung as the lead character. (Synopsis): This movie is what kung fu films are all about-great story, top notch choreography, fine direction and acting. Yuen Woo Ping directs and delivers the goods in this tale of the legendary fighter Ho Yuan Chia. The Ho family’s kung fu is well known throughout China. Young Ho (Yuen Yat Chor) doesn’t stand up to his father’s requirements to learn his family’s style and is forced to study reading and writing. Ho’s father (Phillip Ko) hires a teacher (Yasuaki Kurata) from Japan to further his sons studies. This teacher secretly is a Bushido expert and wants to further his knowledge in Chinese martial arts. After seeing the yearning Ho has for learning martial arts, the teacher begins to teach him kung fu as well as his regular studies. The years go by and now the older Ho Yuan Chia (Leung Kar Yan) is ready and able to fight. After Ho defeats a Japanese fighter, who commits suicide in shame of losing, he receives a death challenge from an ally who wants revenge for his friends death. When the Japanese challenger arrives in China, Ho Yuan Chia’s past catches up with him and a cruel twist of fate ends this film. A masterpiece choreographed by the Yuen Clan, this movie is highly recommended, even if you don't like kung fu films. Starring: Leung Kar Yan, Yasuaki Kurata (Shoji Kurata), Yuen Yat Choh, Phillip Ko Fei, Brandy Yuen (Jan Yeung), Lau Hok Nin, Charlie Chan (Yiu Lam), Lee Ka Ting, Fung Fung, Huang Ha, Fung Hak On, San Kuai, Yuen Cheung Yan Fong YauDirector: Yuen Woo Ping, Producer: Ng See Yuen, Action Director: Brandy Yuen Jan Yeung, Yuen Cheung Yan, Yuen Shun Yee, Yuen Woo Ping, Yuen Yat Chor, Languages: English, Running Time: 92 minutes, Production company: Seasonal Film Corporation, Release date: 12 February 1982
"Lady Hermit" a.k.a. (钟馗娘子, Zhong Kui Niang Zi) (1971) $9.95
"Lady Hermit" also known as (钟馗娘子, Zhong Kui Niang Zi) (1971) (Synopsis): She’ll teach you a thing or two about bloodshed.From the vaults of the Shaw Brothers hails a film that showcases the legendary wuxia masters’ talent like a blood-soaked prize. In a performance celebrated as her magnum opus, Cheng Pei-Pei (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) memorably demands body parts from her foes in a vengeful rage. Cheng is the Lady Hermit: a paragon of poise and stealth, in hiding for years, plotting revenge ever since her injurious run-in with the sinister Black Knight. Shih Szu (Shaolin Handlock) is a lethal go-getter with wicked bullwhip skills who begs Cheng to teach her, hoping to slay the demon herself. The Black Knight’s days are numbered as the Lady Hermit and her protege perfect the technique to take him down – one called the Flying Tiger. Starring: Cheng Pei Pei, Shih Szu, Lo Lieh, Wong Hap, Chuen Yuen, Fang Mien, Cliff Lok Kam Tung Suen Lam, Kok Lee Yan Director: Ho Meng Hua, Producer: Runme Shaw, Action Director: Leung Siu Chung, Language: Mandarin, English, Subtitles: English, Region: Region 1, Aspect Ratio: 16:9Running Time: 105 Minutes.
"Buddha's Palm" a.k.a. (如來神掌, Ru lai shen zhang) (1982) $14.95
"Buddha's Palm" also known as 如來神掌, Ru lai shen zhang (1982) (Synopsis): The legendary martial artist is the keeper of the Buddha’s Palm, a powerful kung-fu which gives its wielder untold power. When Long Jiangfei learns the stance, the World of martial Arts and Enter the Dragon bad guy Shek Kin had better beware! Large flying birds, armies of leaping martial artists, and some comedy kung-fu beauties (Kara Wai Ying Hng and Candice Yu again), are only some of the surprises in Buddha’s Palm, a fantasy martial arts spectacular which was a large hit when it was first released in 1982, and is sure to charm and entertain audiences even today. Starring: Derek Yee Tung Sing, Alex Man Chi Leung, Candice Yu On On, Lo Lieh, Kara Hui Ying Hung, Sek Kin, Goo Goon Chung, Chow Gat, Cheng Miu, Lung Tien Hsiang Director: Taylor Wong Tai Loy, Action Director: Dang Tak Cheung,      Language: Chinese, Subtitles: English, Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Format: NTSC, Region: All, Running time: 93 Minutes.
"The 14 Amazons" a.k.a. (Shi Si Nu: Ying Hao) (1972) $14.95
The 14 Amazons, also known as 十四女英豪, Sap Sei Lui Ying Ho, Shi Si Nu: Ying Hao, and Les 14 Amazones  is a 1972 Hong Kong wuxia film produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio and featuring a predominantly female cast. The story is about the female generals of the Yang Family.(Synopsis): The Yang family, men and women, had served their country (Northern Sung) loyally for generations. During the war with Western Xia, General Yang Tsung Pao is ambushed and killed. His death leaves his only son, Yang Wen as the only male heir left to the Yang family. His widow, Mu Kuei Ying, the grand matriarch and the entire family set out to avenge his death and defend the country. Due to the interference of a corrupt official, Wang Ching, the Yangs were unable to have the Emperor's consent to use the imperial army. Thus, they set off with whatever volunteer troops they could muster. Knowing of Mu Kuei Ying's reputation as a warrior and tactician, the King of Western Xia and his sons try various ways to stop her to no avail. They are outsmarted at the end as Kuei Ying, the Yang family and Song soldiers successfully storm their stronghold.Starring: Lisa Lu as the Grand matriarch Ivy Ling Po as Mu Kuei Ying Chen Yen Yen as Grandmother Ouyang Sha Fei as Chai Chau Chu Lily Ho as Yang Wen Li Ching as Tsou Lan Huang Chin Feng as Ma Sai Ying Tina Chin Fei as Tu Chin Ngo Yeh Ling Chih as Yang Chiu Mei Liu Wu Chih as Yang Chiu Lan Shu Pei Pei as Yang Pai Feng Ching Miao as Wang Ching Tien Feng as King of Western Xia Wang Hsieh as First Prince Nian Kung as Second Prince Tien Ching as Third Prince Chin Pei as Fourth Prince Yuen Biao as Yang soldier (small role Running time 123 minutes,  Country: Hong Kong, Language,Mandarin, Production company: Shaw Brothers Studio, Distributed by Shaw Brothers Studio, Release date: 27 July 1972
"General Stone and the 18 Warriors" a.k.a. (Shi san tai bao Li Cun Xiao) $9.95
(About this movie): Tan Tao Liang (Flash Legs) is the son of the famous General Stone, who was killed in battle under mysterious circumstances. Tan is trained in hand and sword techniques, but his schooling is lifted to another level when his father and the spirits of fallen heroes inhabit the stone forms of warriors who teach him skills long thought extinct. With his new found power he searches for the truth and vengeance for the death of his father. (Synopsis):  After the famous General Stone is stricken down in battle under mysterious circumstances, his talented son Flash Legs (Tan Tao Liang) vows to investigate the strange death and get to the truth of the matter. Kung fu has many legends and myths, including the 18 Bronze Men and the 108 Wooden Men of Shaolin. “General Stone” reveals a new legend: the 18 Stone Warriors. Tan Tao Liang (Flash Legs) is the son of the famous General Stone, who was killed in battle under mysterious circumstances. Tan is trained in hand and sword techniques, but his schooling is lifted to another level when his father and the spirits of fallen heroes inhabit the stone forms of warriors who teach him skills long thought extinct. Now Tan has a new found power to find the truth behind his father’s death. An amazing and totally new story for the martial arts genre! Tan Tao Liang is superb! Languages: Chinese (Dolby Digital 2.0 – Stereo – Dual Mono), Mandarin (Dolby Digital 2.0 – Stereo – Dual Mono) Subtitles: English Running Time: 82 Minutes. 
"Dreadnaught" (1981) $14.95
(About this film): Dreadnaught (Chinese: 勇者無懼) is a 1981 Hong Kong martial arts comedy-horror film starring Yuen Biao and directed by Yuen Woo-ping. The film was released on 5 March 1981. In the film, the fugitive criminal White Tiger systematically kills anyone who threatens or angers him. With the exception of the laundry man Mousy, who keeps evading his attacks. Eventually, Mousy uses his kung-fu skills to fight back and defeat the White Tiger. (Synopsis): A short-tempered, violent criminal named the "White Tiger" is on the run from the police and joins a theatre troupe to hide out, killing anyone who angers him or who suspects his identity. One person he unsuccessfully tries to kill several times is a cowardly  laundry man named "Mousy" who manages to escape by fleeing. When a very close friend of Mousy's is killed by the White Tiger, Mousy overcomes his cowardliness enough to seek revenge. Directed by:  Yuen Woo-pingScreenplay by: Peace GroupStory by: Wong JingProduced by: Raymond ChowStarring: Yuen Biao, Bryan Leung, Kwan Tak-hingProduction company:  Golden HarvestDistributed by: Golden HarvestRelease date: 5 March 1981Running time: 90 Minutes    
Shaolin Temple Against Lama (1980) Shaolin Temple Against Lama (1980)
Shaolin Temple Against Lama (1980) $9.95
(About this film):  A Prince, trained as a Lama, refuses to be crowned King until he fights every Kung Fu champion in the land. He knows nothing of the plot hatched by a faction of his followers to incite problems between the Shaolins and the Lamas, in hopes of destroying him and replacing him on the throne with an evil Prince. Starring: Alexander Rei Lo, Alan Chung San Chui,  Cha Hsiu (as Alan Hsu),Chi-Ping Chang, Chung-Kuei Chang, Kuan-Lung Chang, Kuan-Lung Chang        Shun Chien, Kuo-Chung Ching, Han-Chang Hu, Chi Wei Huang Release date: April 30, 1980Director: Chien-Chi ChangProducer: Po-Yuan Chen, Ying-Hsiang WangWriter: Chien-Chi Chang, Languages: English, Subtitles: None, Running Time: 85 Minutes
"The Crippled Masters" a.k.a. (Tian can di que) (1979) (Copy) (Copy) $9.95
The Crippled Masters, also known as Tian can di que, Les Monstres du kung fu, 天殘地缺 and Hanyu Pinyin: tiān cán dì quē is a kung fu movie released in 1979. Filmed in Hong Kong, it is about two men—one without arms and another with withered legs—who develop kung fu abilities and fight their evil teacher, who made them disabled. Two sequels were released but have little to no connection to each other. (Synopsis): Two men skilled in the arts of kung fu are betrayed by their master and crippled for life, one left with no arms and the other with no legs. They learn to combine their martial arts skills and seek revenge against the evil master. Starring: Jackie Conn (Jack Con, Jack Conn, Thomas Hong Chiu-Ming), Frankie Shum (Frank Shum, Sam Chung-Chuen), Chen Mu Chuan (Chan Muk-Chuen), Li Chung-Chien (Li Chung Keng), Ma Cheung (Ma Chiang), Cheung Chung-Kwai, Hsiang Mei-Lung, Tai Leung, Boon Saam, Pooi Tak-Wan Director: Joe Law Chi, Action Director: Chan Muk Chuen, (Dolby Digital 2.0 - Stereo - Dual Mono), Running Time: 92 minutes, Languages: English, Release date: 1979  
"Challenge of The Lady Ninja" a.k.a. Chinese Super Ninjas 2 (1983) $19.95
Challenge of The Lady Ninja, also known as Chinese Super Ninjas 2 (Synopsis): Wong Siu Wai (or Wong Sho Wei - different characters call her two different names) is a ninja in a flaming red outfit who is out for revenge. Her father was recently killed by ninja thugs in the employ of the rich Lee Tong. Siu Wai assembles a gang of people who have grudges against the white-suited Lee. Starring: Chen Kuan Tai, Cho Kin, Kam Yin Fei, Kon Tak Mun, Peng Kang, Sit Hon, Sun Jung Chi, Robert Tai Chi Hsien. Director: Lee Tso, Running Time: 86 Minutes, Languages: English dubbedFeatures: Aspect Ratio: 4:3, Format: NTSC All.  
"Raining In The Mountain" a.k.a. Kong shan ling yu (1979) $14.95
Raining in the Mountain, also known as 空山靈雨, Kong shan ling yu is a 1979 film written and directed by King Hu. The film was selected as the Hong Kong entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 52nd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee. (Synopsis): In China, religious positions have always been controlled very closely. In this lavishly photographed story, set in a Buddhist monastery during the Ming Dynasty (14th-17th centuries), the monastery is in turmoil, wondering who the government is going to appoint as its next abbot. A number of outside dignitaries have been invited for the announcement and enthronement of the next abbot, and the tensions in the monastery are only heightened when one of these guests steals a venerated sutra from the Mahayana canon of Buddhist scriptures. Starring: Hsu Feng, Tung Lam, Tien Feng, Paul Chang Chung, Lee Man Tai, Suen YuetWu Jiaxiang. Directed by:  King Hu, Written by: King Hu, Region Code: All, Format: NTSC, Languages: Cantonese, Subtitles: English, Features: Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Running Time: 120 Minutes.
"Treasure Hunt" a.k.a. American Shaolin, Hua qi Shao Lin (1994) $12.95
Treasure Hunt, is a 1994 Hong Kong action comedy and romantic fantasy film written and directed by Jeffrey Lau and starring Chow Yun-fat and Jacklyn Wu. (Synopsis): Filmed on location in China's famous Shaolin Temple, Chang Ching (Chow Yun Fat), a tough C.I.A. agent takes a mission in mainland China, where he enters a dangerous liaison with Mei (Wu Chien-Lien), a beautiful woman who possesses mysterious powers. As part of his mission, he must secure Mei, whose powers are sought by both corporate and political forces.   Starring: Chow Yun Fat, Jacqueline Wu Chien Lien, Gordon Liu Chia Hui, Philip Kwok Chung Fung, Chin Han, Choi Yue, Roy Chiao Hung, Michael Wong Man Tak. Director by: Jeff Lau Chun Wai, Producer: Linda Kuk Mei Lai, Action Director: Philip Kwok Chung Fung, Language: English, Cantonese, Subtitles: English, Features: Aspect Ratio 16:9, Format: NTSC, Region: All.  
"Showdown At The Cotton Mill" a.k.a. Hu Hui Chien xie zhan xi chan si (1978) $9.95
Showdown at the Cotton Mill, also known as 胡惠乾血戰西幝寺, Hu Hui Chien xie zhan xi chan si, also released as Cold Face, Heart and Blood, is a 1978 Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Wu Ma. The film was believed to be lost until Rarescope uncovered the film in a Taiwanese film vault. It is a sequel to the 1976 film The Shaolin Avengers, which was co-directed by Wu Ma and Chang Cheh and stars Kuan-Chun Chi as Hu Hui-Chien. (Synopsis): With its fast-paced action sequences and lavish period-piece production design, the Hong Kong film SHOWDOWN AT THE COTTON MILL is one of the forgotten and rarely seen classics of old-school kung fu cinema. Shaw Brothers regular Chi Kuan Chun stars as a master of the Southern Fist fighting style, prompring the imperial Ching dynasty to send in a Wu Tang Northern Leg master to take down the rebel in an action-packed series of martial-arts battles. Starring: Chi Kuan Chun, Dorian Tan Tao Liang, Tong Siu Man, Lee Keung, Fai WanCheung Paang, Chang Chi Ping, Chan Sam Lam, Cheng Sai Gang, Hoh Gong. Director: Wu Ma, Action Director: Cheung Paang, Region Code: All, Format: NTSCRunning Time: 84 Minutes, Languages: Mandarin, Subtitles: English, Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1.
"Eagle's Claw" a.k.a. Ying Zhao Tang Lang (1978) $12.95
Eagle's Claw, also known as Eagle Fist, Ying zhao tang lang and Ying chau tong long is a 1978 martial arts film directed by Lee Tso Nam, starring Wong Tao, Chang Yi and Chi Kwan Chun. (Synopsis): The Eagle's Claw school and the Praying Mantis school are rivals. When the Praying Mantis school attacks the Eagle's and kills the Eagle's head teacher, The prized student joins the Mantis. The remaining Eagle's Claw students toughen up in order to save their pride and their lives. Overview: Planning to destroy the Eagle's Claw school, Mantis Fist fighter Chao Ma Wu (Chang Yi) joins the Ching army to fight the rebels. The master of the Eagles Claw school is murdered. Chen (Chi Kuan Chung) one of the head students is blamed and he runs away. He gets Chao to accept him as a student and learns half of the Mantis Style. Together with another student (Wang Tao) they defeat Cha Ma Wa. (Starring): Chi Kuan Chun, Don Wong Tao, Chang Yi, Hwa Ling, Yu Chung Chiu, Philip Ko Fei. Director: Lee Tso Nam, Producer: Huang Feng, Action Director: Chan Siu Pang, Tommy Lee Gam Ming,  Language: English, Features: Aspect Ratio 235:1, Format: NTSC All, Running time: 86 Minutes.
"The Legendary Strike" a.k.a. La Légende de shaolin (1978) $9.95
The Legendary Strike, also known as La Légende de shaolin (1978) (Synopsis): Legendary director Huang Feng directs the equally legendary Cater Wong and Angela Mao in this action epic! When Prince Yung hires a Japanese guard to transport a rare and precious "Dharma's Relic", all hell breaks loose as various fighters across the land compete for the Buddhist artifact. Legendary Strike is one legendary battle of the kung fu titans you don't want to miss! Starring: Paul Chu Kong, Angela Mao Ying, Carter Wong Ka Tat, Chan Sing, Kam Kong Director: Huang Feng, Version: Uncut, Format: NTSC All, Languages: English, Featues: Aspect Ratio 4:3, Running Time: 90 Minutes.
"Heroes In The Late Ming Dynasty" a.k.a. Heroes In Ming Dynasty $19.95
Heroes In The Late Ming Dynasty, also known as Heroes In Ming Dynasty, Heroes In The Ming Dynasty. (Synopsis): The minions of the Ming Dynasty are all-purpose villains in Martial Arts films, much like Nazis in World War 2 pictures. It goes without saying, then, that the heroes in Heroes in the Ming Dynasty are those who opposed the despotic power structure. Research has not revealed the cast members of this kung-fu escapade, but it's a sure bet that they're all experts in their feild. Starring: Tin Peng, Polly Shang-Kwan Ling Feng, Pai Ying, Paul Wei Ping Ao, Barry Wai Ji Wan, Carter Wong Ka Tat. Director: Mo Man Hung, Action Director: Han Ying Chieh, Language: English, Format: NTSC All, Features: Aspect Ratio 4:3, Running Time: 90 Minutes.
"Odd Couple" a.k.a. Bok Meng Daan Diy Duet Meng Cheung, Shaolin Sabre VS Wu Tang Spear, 搏命单刀夺鸣枪 $19.95
Odd Couple, also known as Bok Meng Daan Diy Duet Meng Cheung, Shaolin Sabre VS Wu Tang Spear, 搏命单刀夺鸣枪 is a 1979 Hong Kong martial arts comedy film directed by Lau Kar Wing, who also stars, alongside Sammo Hung. It was the first film to be released by Gar Bo Motion Picture Company (aka Gar-Bo Film Company), an independent production company set up by Hung, Lau and producer Karl Maka. The fight scenes are mainly weapon-based, with particular emphasis on the contrast between the dao (sword) and qiang (spear). EXPERIENCE POSSIBLY THE GREATEST CLASSICAL WEAPONS MOVIE EVER MADE!! (Synopsis): Two ageing masters of the spear and sword engage in an epic mountaintop battle every ten years, but the outcome invariably  ends in a draw. Realizing that neither one of them will ever outclass other, they each agree to take a younger student and train them to champion their cause, thus putting an end to their longstanding rivalry. Unexpectedly , fate drives them into open conflict with a power enemy, and both masters and their students are propelled into the fight of their lives! Showcasing some of the most intricate and explosive weapons choreography ever seen, this masterpiece stands head and shoulders above many of it's competitors, and remains one of the quintessential classics from the Golden Age of Hong Kong cinema!! Starring: Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Lau Kar Wing, Leung Kar Yan, Mars, Lee Hoi SanDean Shek Tien, Yeung Sai Gwan, Karl Maka, Billy Chan Wui Ngai, Ho Pak Kwong. Director: Lau Kar Wing, Producer: Karl Maka, Action Director: Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Lau Kar Wing, Language: English Dubbed, Features: Aspect Ratio 16:9, Format: NTSC All, Running Time: 98 Minutes.
"ThunderBolt Fist" a.k.a. Pi Li Quan (1972) $19.95
ThunderBolt Fist, also known as Pi Li Quan,  霹雳拳 (1972) (Synopsis): The time: just after the Chinese Revolution. The place: Northeast China, as Japanese invaders start to infiltrate. The situation: a vicious judo expert sets out to prove that Chinese are the "sick people of Asia" by killing all their best martial artists in corrupt, dangerous tournaments. To save his son, the head of the Ping Pai Boxing Institute sends to the mountain hideout of the master fighter Red Butterfly. There's only one thing which will set things right: the powerful title kung-fu technique! Starring: Shih Szu, Chuen Yuen, Fang Mien, James Nam Gung Fan, Tung Lam, Lee Ka TingWong Chin Feng, Yukio Someno, Gam Kei Chu, Chan Feng Chen. Director: Cheung Yat Woo, Producer: Runme Shaw, Action Director: Leung Siu Chung, Uncut Version, Language: English, Format: NTSC All, Features: Aspect Ratio: 16.9 Widescreen, Running Time: 90 Minutes.
"Hero of Kwangtung" a.k.a. Hero of Kwang Tung, Hero of Kwongtong (1974) $9.95
 Hero of Kwangtung,  also known as Hero of Kwang Tung, Hero Of Kwang Tong (1974) (Synopsis): The clash between the good and the ruffians may conclude on the traditional ethical kung fu concepts but the fight scenes are exceptionally exciting. Actor Chiang-Long Wen shows his expertise and mastery of the Chinese martial arts dynamics. Overview: A ruthless mining tycoon terrorizes a small farming village in the hopes of getting them to move out so he can set up his mining operation. But he goes too far when he messes with Luk Ho Yin, who not only stands his ground but fights back hard Starring: Ku Yin, Liu Ping, Man Kong Lung, Chai Hau Keung, Bruce Li Siu Lung, Yee Yuen Director: Joseph Kuo Nam Hung, Action Director: Wong Fei Lung, Language: English, (Dolby Digital 1.0 – Mono) Subtitles: None, Running Time: 89 Minutes.
"Valley of The Fangs" a.k.a. E Lang Gu (1970) $19.95
Valley of The Fangs, also known as E Lang Gu (1970) (Synopsis): The team of director Cheng Chang-ho and star Lo Lieh would become well known for King Boxer- the first internationally successful kung fu-film. This stirring saga of the "Martial Arts World" helped them prepare for that breakthrough. Lo Lieh plays a righteous swordsman, trying to protect another hero's wife and daughter from a corrupt minister's murderous plans. Cheng Chang-ho films it all in his customary sumptuous style, making it a fascinating companion piece to his subsequent worldwide phenomenon. Starring: Lo Lieh, Li Ching, Fan Mei Sheng, Paul Wei Ping Ao, Cheng Li Director: Jeong Chang Hwa, Producer: Run Run Shaw, Action Director: Lau Kar Wing, Language: English, Chinese subtitles, NTSC All, Features: 2:35.1, Running Time: 86 Minutes.
"Kid From Kwangtung" a.k.a. (Guang Dong liang zai yu) (1982) $9.95
Kid From Kwangtung, also known as 广东靓仔玉, 廣東靚仔玉 and Guang Dong liang zai yu Huo zhen qi bing.(Synopsis): Respected actor and action choreographer Hsu Hsia didn't waste his chance to direct - inviting three other kung fu designers to help on this fight-filled thriller. Want Yu, co-star of such classics as Dirty Ho and The Kid with a Tattoo, here takes center stage as a young rascal caught between master martial arts actor Jen Shih-kuan (Once Upon a Time in China) and violent Huang Chang-li (Snake in The Eagle's Shadow). From there on, it's one masterful kung fu bout after another. Starring: Wong Yu, Yuen Tak, Chiang Kam, Sharon Yeung Pan-Pan, Kwan Hoi-San, Yen Shi-Kwan, Hwang Jang-Lee, Choi Gwok-Hing, Ho Pak-Kwong, Kwan Fung, Lau Ga-Yung, Wong Mei-Mei, Yeung Chi-Hing, Goo Goon-Chung, Keung Hon, Chui Fat, Chung WingDirector: Hsu Hsia, Producer: Mona Fong Yat Wah, Action Director: Hsu Hsia, Yuen Tak, Chui Fat, Running Time: 94.            minutes, Languages: Mandarin, Subtitles: English, Aspect Ratio: 16:9, Film Company: Shaw Brothers
"Last Hurrah For Chivalry" (1977) $19.95
Last Hurrah for Chivalry, also known as 豪侠, is a 1979 Hong Kong martial arts film written, produced and directed by John Woo, and starring Damian Lau and Wei Pai. The film is a precursor to Woo's heroic bloodshed films. The film was released in the Hong Kong on 11 November 1979. (Synopsis): In the Chinese wu hsia (martial chivalry) genre, sword-swinging heroes are often referred to as “altruists,” and it’s that aspect of the legend that gets a workout in this 1978 John Woo effort. Kao (Lau Kong), the duplicitous pivotal character, has purchased a beautiful wife for 1,000 taels of gold; alas, his rival, the prodigious fighter Pei, has paid her 2,000 taels to kill him. The moral is that when loyalty can be purchased, it no longer exists. The central action unfolds against this backdrop of a cynical, mercenary world. Kao selects a couple of fighters as soldiers in his quest for revenge, but being rare and noble souls they won’t fight for money alone. Only after Kao, in a calculated move, helps Chang’s dying mother will the fighters agree to take the case. This is only a moderately successful action movie, but it was a crucial stepping-stone in Woo’s career: the action scenes, the highly emotional friendships, and the romantic music recall Chang Cheh, who Woo credits as an inspiration for his later gangster pictures, A Better Tomorrow and The Killer. The mournful resignation, the fading values, even the final assault on the baddie’s headquarters, all these flourishes became staples of the Hong Kong gang films of the 1980s–though the gang flicks can’t boast eccentric characters like the Sleeping Wizard, who fights in his sleep. Starring: Damian Lau Chung Yun, Wai Pai, Lau Kong, Lee Hoi San, Hsu HsiaFung Hak On, Chin Yuet Sang,Ngai Chau Wah, Cheng Lui Director: John Woo, Producer: John Woo, Action Director: Alan Chui Chung San, Fung Hak On, Huang Ha, Format: Widescreen, NTSC, Language: Cantonese, EnglishRunning Time: 106 Minutes.  
The Brave In Kung Fu Shadow a.k.a. Imperial Sword (1977)
The Brave In Kung Fu Shadow a.k.a. Imperial Sword (1977) $15.95
The Brave In Kung Fu Shadow, also known as Kung Fu in the Brave Shadow, Kung Fu Shadow, Imperial Sword. (Synopsis): Kung Fu superstars Chang Yi, Judy Lee, Roe Tien and Jack Long star in this masterpiece of action cinema from Jackie Chan's long time director and mentor Chen Chi Hwa. The Wicked Eunuch (Chang Yi) is after the "Glory Sword", a Chinese Excalibur. After sending countless fighters out after it, he finally dons the dreaded Golden Claw and seeks it out for himself, but Judy Lee and Roc Tien stand in his way! Starring: Chia Ling (Judy Lee), Roc Tien Peng, Chang Yi, Miao Tien, Chin Lung, Lung FeiJack Long, Hsieh Hsing, Yue Yang, Ho Kong, Shaw Luo Hui Director: Chan Chi Hwa, Action Director: Hsieh Hsing, Language: English, Aspect Ratio: 4:3, Format: NTSC, Region: All, Video: 4:3 Fullscreen Version, Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, Language: English Language, Subtitles: None,
"The Seven Commandments Of Kung Fu" (1979) $9.95
The Seven Commandments Of Kung Fu, also known as 7 Commandments Of Kung Fu or Les 7 Commandements du kung fu.  (Synopsis): Li I Min stars as a young, timid lad who is taught the deadly Mantis Style by Chang Yi. The training soon brings out the wolf in Li. His relationship with the white-haired master sours when he learns of the master's murderous deeds. Now the student must fight the teacher. Will he put to use the 7 Commandments of Combat? Action packed from start to finish! Starring: Lee I Min, Chang Yi, Goo Jing, Lung Fei, Ma Chin Ku, Siu Foo Dau, Ching Kuo Chung, Suen Shu PauDirector: Got Si Ho, Producer: Ching Kuo Chung, Action Director: Hsiao Ho, Siu Pu, Region Code: All, Format: NTSC, Running Time: 90 minutes, Languages: English dubbed, Subtitles: None, Aspect Ratio: 4:3  
"The Fearless Young Boxer" a.k.a. (Method Man) (1979) $9.95
The Fearless Young Boxer, also known as 小子命大, The Avenging Boxing, Siu Ji Meng Daai, Xiao Zi Ming Da, Method Man and Fearless Young Boxer is a martial arts film directed by Jimmy Shaw starring Casanova Wong. (Synopsis): Shao Lung (Peter Chen) joins an acrobat troupe to improve his kung fu skills in order to take on the merciless killer, Wu Pa Feng (Casanova), who took his father's life in a duel. The storyline may be run of the mill but the action has to be seen to be believed. Without doubt some of the finest fight scenes ever committed to celluloid are in this film. Peter Chen's high performance acrobatic style goes unparalleled in the martial film world, and the mighty kicks of Casanova will leave you begging for more! Starring: Peter Chang, Casanova Wong, Hwa Ling, Ga Hoi Director: Jimmy Shaw Feng, Action Director: Wong Gwok Chue, Aspect Ratio: 4:3, Format: NTSC, Region: 0 All Region,  Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, Language: English Language, Subtitles: None, Running Time: 94 minutes. 
"The Eighteen Jade Arhats" a.k.a. (18 Claws Of Shaolin) (1978) $10.95
The Eighteen Jade Arhats, also known as Le Secret Mortel des 18 Jades, 18 Claws Of Shaolin, 18 Deadly Arhats, 18 Jade Pearls, Eighteen Deadly Arhats, Eighteen Jade Pearls, Jade Killer. (Synopsis):  When a mysterious assassin will kill anyone to claim the legendary 18 jade pearl arhats and learn the 18 Lohan style kung fu, only one noble fighter can defeat the ruthless killer.  Starring: Lo Lieh, Polly Shang-Kwan Ling Feng, Chang Yi, Ching Kuo Chung, Lung Fei, Li Chao Director: Cheung Git, Action Director: Li Chao, Running Time: 90 minutes, Language: English, Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1, Format: NTSC, Region: All
"The Clutch Of Power" a.k.a. (Sonz Of Wu Tang) (1977) $12.95
Clutch Of Power, also known as Sonz of Wu Tang. (Synopsis): A rogue swordsman known as "Soul of the Sword" kills the father of a young Kung Fu expert, who teams up with a Drunken Monk to put an end to Soul of the Sword is reign of terror, and thwart the Mongol invasion.Starring: Chan Sing (Chen Sing), Leung Kar-Yan, Phillip Ko Fei, Doris Lung Chun-Erh, Wong Goon-Hung, Mang Fei (Mang Fei), Yen Shi-Kwan, Lily Li Li-Li, Liu Ping, Goo Chang, Wong Yeuk-Ping, Hung Fa-Long, Au Lap-Bo.Director: Cheung Paang Yik, Features: Full Screen Mono Trailers, Languages: EnglishSubtitles: None, Running Time: 90 minutes.  
"Secret of Shaolin Kung Fu" a.k.a. (Hu die shi ba shi) (1979) $12.95
Secret Of Shaolin Kung Fu, also known as Butterfly 18, Invincible Shaolin Kung Fu, La Vengeance de Wu and Le Secret de Shaolin. (Synopsis): Mystery of Chess Boxing" star Lee Yi Min stars as the leader of the beggar gang. Armed with the Deadly 18 Butterfly fist, he must defeat the clan's deadliest rival: The Golden Fox. Great training and acrobatic fights make this one of Lee's best films! Shaolin Kung Fu master Lee Yi Min shares his vast knowledge of the once-secret martial art. The techniques of this particular form of Kung Fu, born in the Shaolin Temple, include an early demonstration of the Butterfly style. This artful, timeless instructional program also stars Chan Hui Lan and Sun Winn Gi. Starring: Lee Yi Min, Chan Wai Lau, Sun Jung Chi, Chui Chung Hei, Goo Chang, Ma Chin Ku, Ching Kuo Chung, Shih Ting Ken, Ma Cheung Director: Got Si Ho, Producer: Ying Kwok Chung, Action Director: Suen Shu Pau,  Region Code: All, Format: NTSC, Running Time: 87 minutes, Languages: English dubbed, Subtitles: None, Aspect Ratio: 4:3.