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"Death Duel Of Kung Fu" a.k.a. (He xing dao shou tang lang tui) (1979)
"Death Duel Of Kung Fu" a.k.a. (He xing dao shou tang lang tui) (1979)

"Death Duel Of Kung Fu" a.k.a. (He xing dao shou tang lang tui) (1979)

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Death Duel of Kung Fu, also known as 形刁手螳螂腿, He xing dao shou tang lang tui, Showdown Of The Master Warriors and Sur les traces de Shaolin is 1979 martial art movie, directed by William Cheung Ki and starring John Liu, Don Wong Tao and Eagle Han-ying. It is also known as Showdown of the Master Warriors and Return of the Secret Rivals as an alternate title. With in say, the movie has no relationship with the Secret Rivals trilogy but most of the filming locations took places in South Korea although the story is set in China, which makes the result that it makes a similar storyline as Secret Rivals. It is also Eagle Han-ying`s first Hong Kong movie debut.

(Synopsis): Wong Tai and John Liu play a pair of Ming patriots who are tring to stop the Ching Army from crossing the Formosa Straits and attacking the remnants of the Ming troops residing in Formosa (Taiwan). The emperor orders them brought to justice. After the Ming Dynasty is annihilated by Ching warriors from Manchuria, Ming's General Cheng escaped to Taiwan. Worried that Cheng may launch a counterattack, Ching's Prince Ta sends his finest warriors to Taiwan in hopes of killing Cheng and his plan. But they have to contend with Cheng's elite kung fu guards first! THE DEATH DUEL OF KUNG FU is a dazzling display of fast, furious kung fu combat!

Starring: John Liu (Chung Liang), Don Wong Tao, Phillip Ko Fei, Eagle Han Ying, Charlie Chan (Yiu Lam), Peter Chan Lung, Chung Faat, Ging Chue, Wu Jiaxiang, Fanny Wang

Director: William Cheung Kei, Action Director: Chin Yuet Sang, Meng      Hoi, Languages: English, Subtitles: None, Running Time: 86              minutes. Distributed by: Kee Woo Films, Release date: 1979