Iron Monkey a.k.a. Siunin Wong Fei-hung tsi titmalau, 少年黃飛鴻之鐵馬騮 (1993)


Iron Monkey a.k.a. Siunin Wong Fei-hung tsi titmalau, 少年黃飛鴻之鐵馬騮 (1993)


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Iron Monkey, also known as 少年黃飛鴻之鐵馬騮,  少年黄飞鸿之铁骝, Shaonian Huang Fei Hong zhi tiemaliu, Siunin Wong Fei-hung tsi titmalau and Iron Monkey : The Young Wong Fei Hong is a 1993 Hong Kong martial arts film written and produced by Tsui Hark and directed by Yuen Woo-ping, starring Donnie Yen, Yu Rongguang, Jean Wang, Angie Tsang and Yuen Shun-yi. It is not related to the 1977 Hong Kong film of the same title.

(Synopsis): An herbal doctor becomes a masked hero to the oppressed local population during the Chinese Qing Dynasty and must face an evil Manchu official and his Shaolin monks as well as local officials.

Overview: Directed by Yuen Wo Ping (best known as the action director on The Matrix), Iron Monkey features a very straightforward Robin-Hood-type story as the background for fast-paced, wall-to-wall action. The film features some incredibly imaginative choreography and great camera-work making it quite possibly the quintessential wire-work martial arts extravaganza of the ’90s. Some of the wire-enhanced acrobatics may look a little fake at times, but it rarely detracts from the stunning, inventive fight scenes that fills the screen. Especially entertaining is the final battle atop a court-full of burning wooden poles! Each one of the main characters are top-notch martial artists, and the film gives them all a chance to show just how good they really are. For pure jaw-dropping, no-holds barred fantasy action, nothing beats Iron Monkey.

Starring: Donnie Yen Ji-Dan, Yu Rong Guang, Jean Wang Ching-Ying, Yen Shi-Kwan, Chang Si Man, Lee Fai, James Wong Jim, Yuen Shun-Yi, Hsiao Ho,

Director: Yuen Woo Ping, Producer: Tsui Hark, Action Director: Yuen Cheung Yan, Yuen Shun Yee, Yuen Woo Ping, Language: English, Distributed by: Golden Harvest, Gala Film Distribution, Release date: 3 September 1993, Running time: 90 minutes, Country Hong Kong.

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