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"Showdown At The Cotton Mill" a.k.a. Hu Hui Chien xie zhan xi chan si (1978)

"Showdown At The Cotton Mill" a.k.a. Hu Hui Chien xie zhan xi chan si (1978)

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Showdown at the Cotton Mill, also known as 胡惠乾血戰西幝寺, Hu Hui Chien xie zhan xi chan si, also released as Cold Face, Heart and Blood, is a 1978 Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Wu Ma. The film was believed to be lost until Rarescope uncovered the film in a Taiwanese film vault. It is a sequel to the 1976 film The Shaolin Avengers, which was co-directed by Wu Ma and Chang Cheh and stars Kuan-Chun Chi as Hu Hui-Chien.

(Synopsis): With its fast-paced action sequences and lavish period-piece production design, the Hong Kong film SHOWDOWN AT THE COTTON MILL is one of the forgotten and rarely seen classics of old-school kung fu cinema. Shaw Brothers regular Chi Kuan Chun stars as a master of the Southern Fist fighting style, prompring the imperial Ching dynasty to send in a Wu Tang Northern Leg master to take down the rebel in an action-packed series of martial-arts battles.

Starring: Chi Kuan Chun, Dorian Tan Tao Liang, Tong Siu Man, Lee Keung, Fai Wan
Cheung Paang, Chang Chi Ping, Chan Sam Lam, Cheng Sai Gang, Hoh Gong.

Director: Wu Ma, Action Director: Cheung Paang, Region Code: All, Format: NTSC
Running Time: 84 Minutes, Languages: Mandarin, Subtitles: English, Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1.